Sep 6, 2017
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16 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know

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Having knowledge about the following 16 video marketing statistics can be helpful.

These include:

  1. 43% people want to view videos
  2. videos on home pages can raise your conversion rates up to 20%
  3. videos in emails can heighten your click-through rates between 200-300%
  4. 88% of users view video ads
  5. 75% of viewers visit the sites after watching videos
  6. revenues can rise up to 50% through video ads
  7. 55% of browsers view videos daily
  8. 65% purchase the products after viewing videos
  9. videos on landing pages can raise your conversion rate by 86%
  10. a surge of 150% was recorded in traffic numbers on sites through search engines
  11. blogs with videos can drive 3 times more traffic as compared to non-video content
  12. Up to 1200% videos are shared
  13. 1/3 rd of internet browsers have a YouTube account
  14. On Snapchat, 10 million videos are watched every day
  15. 82% of Twitter users view videos
  16. 80% browsers opine that demo videos are effective
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