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The Initial Signs of a Google Search Algorithm Update

There are some signs noticed recently that indicate a new Google Search Algorithm Update might be coming out shortly. Some of the forums have mentioned this fact and some, if not all, automated tracking tools have also started showing changes. It is still too early to say anything about the update but the signs indicate […]

Google: Web Indexing Issues Are Fixed With Google News Publishers

Lisa Wang from Google mentioned that they have fixed the indexing issues faced by some publishers. In short, the content from the news publishers will not show up in the search results, for days and hours on end, after that content was indexed. Google has now solved the problem. Lisa Wang wrote in the Google […]

Google: Publishers to Help Focus on Content through Nofollow Link Attribute

John Mueller from Google had posted that there is no need to worry about links and the links should be done naturally. People started complaining about the nofollow link attribute and the reason for Google to have it at all. John Mueller replied that it aids some of the publishers to focus on building content, […]

Data from Lighthouse Helps to Provide Major Updates to Google Pagespeed Insights Tool

Google has silently rolled out a latest update to the Pagespeed Insights Tool. This is the first major update since January 2018. In the last update, Google started using real user data from Chrome browser to measure website speed. The latest update uses Lighthouse, which is a speed tool from Google. Lighthouse acts as Google’s […]

Does Google Alerts spam affect your SEO?

Sometimes you can see that spam Google results show in the Google results. And people think that it hurts their SEO. But they do not need to worry about that. An overview of the Google Alerts Spam In theory, Google Alerts must not be any cause for concern. Along with few new links, you will […]