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Google Came Up With a Broad Core Algorithm on 12th March

Google confirmed on Wednesday that it has released a broad core algorithm update for the week. The company has mentioned that its guidance about such algorithm updates remains as they have covered before. Danny Sullivan, Google Search Liaison, confirmed the arrival of this update that will start from 12th March. The reason for its importance […]

Making the Content More Available For the Visually Impaired

Going by the global estimates, approximately 1.3 billion live with some or other form of visual impairment. There was a time when such visual impairment could have hampered the online screen presence but today’s tech advancements means anyone can go online and look the latest news, the next vacation destination, and new food reviews. The […]

Google’s Featured Snippets Now Get to go into the Section of the Sourced Content

Google now gets to link some of the content showing up in the search results in a new kind of way. Instead of just going ahead linking to a page, Google now gets to send you to the precise spot of the answer that you are searching for and also highlight that block of text […]

Is Google Moving Back Up The Google Posts?

A couple of months ago, Google stopped showing the Google Posts in its top location, somewhere over the fold and in the local business panel. This made the performance of the Google posts to drop drastically in time. Now, Google might be on its way towards testing regarding moving up the Google posts. Amy Toman […]

You Might Get More Details from Google Search Console Manual Action Reviews

It was always thought that one only needs to submit a review request for the manual action after fixing the problem. John Mueller from Goggle said that one can submit the request for receiving more details about the particular issues. John was responding to one of the requests for further information regarding manual action in […]