SEO still rules Digital World

SEO still rules Digital World!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your website appears in the Search Engine Result Pages. But there’s growing concern among search engine optimizers, webmasters, and digital marketers whether SEO is losing its importance. Is SEO dead? SEO’s stability is under question mark since its inception! Because every year, the new developments in […]

Engaging video content

Ways to double your traffic this year with engaging video content

No doubt video is a powerful marketing tool. Video not only captures actions but that is also a great medium to transmit information in a clear and visual way. If Cisco is to be believed, video content will be about 80% of the total global internet consumption by 2021. Time has come to incorporate video […]

SEO checklist for 2018

The SEO Checklist: 9 ways to be ranked in 2018

It is always difficult to explain non-SEOs how to rank a webpage. As it is a complicated process, you need to have knowledge on wide variety of details. The recent edition brings nine-point parameters of the major items to cross off to rank in the New Year and can have some idea to explain it […]

In-house SEO

Which is advantageous, In-House SEO or an Agency?

There’s growing discussion among SEO industry giants, SEO professionals or profound watchers of SEO world whether it’s advantageous to have an in-house search engine optimization talent or team of talents or to outsource to an SEO agency. In-house SEO: Factors like Control, Collaboration & Cost play the major role in having in-house SEO. Control, management, […]

long-tail keywords

What are the ways to propel SEO with long-tail keywords?

It is a widely accepted fact that ranking for common or broad keywords is a daunting task for a majority of small businesses. Moreover, a large number of phrases and words are highly competitive and need a considerable amount of resources. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have to be emphasized on as it dramatically […]