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Here’s All That You Need to Know about Careers in Digital Marketing

In the present times, in order to flourish, a business has no option but to include digital marketing in its marketing initiatives. Since currently the demand for digital marketers far outweighs the supply, there exists some really lucrative opportunities for those looking to enter the field. The job profile is also attractive to the marketing […]

Brand Awareness

Tips & Tricks for Improving your Brand Awareness

Many think that the digital marketing necessary only for increasing the online sales, improving the search engine rankings or increasing the click-through rate.  May not be true? It’s also about increasing exposure – raising brand awareness so that more and more people know about your brand. There are tools like Google Analytics which allows you […]

Invitational Marketing

Invitational Marketing-The Future of Marketing!

Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” That means thinking out of the box what is needed, no matter how stereotype it can be. That’s sometimes necessary and extremely effective in fixing problems and coming up with new ideas. Today, many […]


Things to Know About GDPR

What is full form of GDPR? General Data Protection Regulation What is GDPR? The newly propound GDPR is a coordinated data protection law framework across EU, ensuring more data protection, privacy and control on the personal data of individuals. These rules will protect the personal information of consumers and give people more control on how […]

Influencer Marketing

Be careful While Trying Out for Influencer Marketing!!

Do you know what Influencer Marketing (IM) is? Whether your company is already into IM or have a go at it for the first time, you have to keep certain things in mind. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing which is the practice of paying people with large social followings to promote a product […]