May 3, 2018
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Crypto Traders/Investors Should Learn From This

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Earlier this month, Cointelegraph reported on a heist involving an in-person Bitcoin transaction in Singapore, in which a Malaysian man was assaulted and robbed of $365,000 in cash by two bogus Bitcoin brokers in his hotel.

In January, a St. Petersburg crypto blogger was robbed of 24 mln rubles (roughly $380 mln) in cash from a safe in his home, after he had “boasted” of his crypto-derived wealth online.

Police in Dubai have arrested ten members of a gang who reportedly stole 7 mln AED ($1.9 mln) in an armed Bitcoin heist in the Al Muraqqabat area of Dubai on Wednesday. (Two brothers searched randomly in the market to buy Bitcoin. The gang lured them claiming they can sell them Bitcoin.)

What is my message?

Keep your mouth shut and do not brag or boast about your bitcoins or crypto trading in public or with friends or relatives. Specially avoid posting about your crypto earnings/profits on social media.

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