Jun 11, 2018
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Does Changing the word order of the title tags impact SEO and Ranking?

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John Muller from Google feels that changing the word order of the title tags doesn’t impact SEO and ranking. Clarifying on Twitter he said that swapping the order of keywords in a title won’t have an effect on ranking.

That means, it’s not necessary to test it in organic search whether it makes difference or not. If you want to really see the difference in click-through rate or conversions, it would be better for you to test it in search ads or social media before making the change to the actual title tag.

The word order of title tags having same keywords can play a role in page ranks for many queries, but how could I know?  So, the argument of John is right. First you test it in relevant ways, if those work better, then you can change the word order organically later.

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