Nov 13, 2018
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Does Google Alerts spam affect your SEO?

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Sometimes you can see that spam Google results show in the Google results. And people think that it hurts their SEO. But they do not need to worry about that.

An overview of the Google Alerts Spam

In theory, Google Alerts must not be any cause for concern. Along with few new links, you will get the timely notification. And these are also quite simple to sign up. It will assist you to keep updated. But you need to be very careful about the timely notification because the harmless updates sometimes hide the harmful links. And it can enhance the scammers.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • The scammers are putting some popular keywords as well as chunks of content of their websites
  • Google thoroughly scans the web for some new content and includes in their alerts. Google also finds the keywords and assumes whether the page is relevant or not.
  • When the user simply receives a roundtrip and clicks on any bad link, they are directed to spam website
  • If you receive any kind of alert, then you may receive a specific batch of the legitimate link.

So, sometimes you click on the link, which you don’t want to but it opens without your intention. So, why does this happen? Well, this is what the hackers want. Basically, the online hackers simply try to trick you to click on the lick. And when you do that, they simply get the visit. And in short, this is a kind of Google Alert SEO!

And here comes the bad part. When you click into those unwanted links, you get into the trap. These links lead you to the spam and some of the malicious websites.

How can Google Alerts spam affect SEO?

If any scammer steals your content or link back to your site, there is high possibility that it could have the adverse effect on your SEO. And this is one of the main things to look out for. The link came in using an actual business name. It also leads to a specific site featuring the business’s actual content, but lived on a bogus, unrelated URL.

This issue presents some of the problems for search engines:

  • They don’t know which version must be indexed.
  • They have no idea on which version to rank for searches.
  • It makes a content on your site feel a bit more generic.

Google does not distribute any penalties for the copied content. That is why it could result in right page receiving the lesser traffic. So, you can see why the instance above could spell bad news for SEO. If someone steals your content and publishes then it looks like a duplicate content on Google. In fact, if a spam site is linking back to your site, this will meet as the low-quality link in Google’s eyes.

How to identify Google Alert spam

You need to know few steps to identify the Google alert spam.

First, you need to take time to read the title, snippet text and URL. But if anything looks fishy it may be best to skip the link.

Next, you need to ensure the URL matches the domain name given before clicking.

If a link is supposed to be from Entrepreneur but an URL doesn’t come into view to be connected, leave this alone.

And of course, if you do click on or the suspect any spam link, report it to Google immediately.

What to do if you find any of the Google Alert spam?

There are three steps that need to be taken.

  1. First you need to report the spam directly to Google
  2. Then just disavow the link.
  3. To report to Google, head over to their Webmaster support tools.

Google specifically lists the entire spam, paid along with the malware links as one that should be reported. This is one of the initial steps in getting the link removed as well as penalized appropriately. Once this is absolutely done, you need to disavow any link, which leads back to your site. Once this is simply disowned, this will signal Google that it must be ignored. To properly disavow a link, you can download a list of all the links to your site. Then upload the text file to Google containing only the links you want to disavow.

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