Oct 10, 2018
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Facebook Allows Pages to Post Pre-Recorded Live Videos

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Facebook has started marketing the ‘Premieres’ features that is made available to everyone and part of that is allowing the pages to post pre-recorded live videos. The pages can now record content and get all the advantages of a live video. Some of the advantages include featuring significantly in people’s news feed and interacting live with people.

If the user has kept the notification setting on, the app will also send out alerts whenever the page goes live. Premiers are also suitable for distribution in the Facebook watch. This means even the people who have not liked a page can discover its video content. Premiers also allow monetization tools for the recorded videos, like branded content and ad breaks.

Scheduling the Premiere

Premieres can be scheduled up to a week in advance but at least, you need to set it ten minutes in advance. After the Premiere is scheduled, a post needs to be created for notifying the audience of the page about the upcoming video. This announcement post turns into the Premiere at the time of its debut. After Premiere ends, it goes back to being an on-demand video. The video uploading tool can used to create Premieres.

The Steps to Setup Premieres

  • Click on ‘Share photo or video’ on Show Page
  • Go to ‘Upload Photos/Video’
  • Select the video to Premiere
  • Click ‘Publish’ and then ‘Premiere’
  • Fill the fields for the ‘Premiere Start Time’
  • Click on ‘Schedule Premiere’

Premiere Requirements

Only new videos to a page are eligible for Premieres. The video must not be previously released anywhere on the internet or on Facebook. It must be less than 10GB in size and a minimum of 30 seconds in duration. A resolution of less than 1080p and 30 frames each second is not supported.

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