Feb 3, 2018
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Facebook answers questions related to Organic Reach!

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Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page. This can be a problem. But now Facebook has come up with solutions to help people understand what’s driving this change so that your business can succeed on Facebook.

Reasons for Declining of Organic Reach:

The first reason is the huge proportion of content being created and shared each day. You must have felt that change individually. Earlier the sharing of important moments and experiences were not easy. Now, things have become much easier with the advent of smartphones. Sharing of content is now at the fingertips or tapping of a button. The second reason is how News Feed performs. News Feed is designed in such way that it would bring only those contents to the person on Facebook that’s most relevant to him rather than showing all possible content.

In a major development, Mark Zuckerberg announced on 11 January that Facebook is all set to bring the biggest change ever to the Facebook ‘pages’ to this date. Organic reach would certainly decline to zero, making the advertising more essential for businesses.

In a major shift to its on-going policy, Facebook explains that the Facebook platform was actually built for bringing ‘people together’, not businesses or companies, and now what happens its news feed is overpopulated with business content and less updates from family or friends.

However, many experts believe this could be a smokescreen for Facebook to increase its advertising revenue to more than two billion monthly users and 16 million in South Africa. Facebook is now concentrating in the marketing benefits of its worldwide community. They themselves are finding their platform to be ideal for increasing profitability of businesses and getting leads.

Facebook makes use of signals in its algorithm such that users can easily access how many people react, comment or share to a post. Most importantly, Facebook is prioritizing people over businesses and is of the view that it attempts to create back-and-forth discussions between people.

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