Oct 31, 2018
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Facebook Messenger 4 to make it easier for the users to reach the brands

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Facebook has begun rolling out a new and improved version of the messenger, known as Messenger 4. It promises an enhanced and simplified experience. In terms of updates on the app, the messenger will have three tabs namely, Discover, People, and Chats tab, compared to the nine tabs of the present.

Other latest features include that option to personalize the chats using personalized color gradients to showcase the topic of conversation or the mood. It even has a “Dark Mode” that minimizes your phone’s glare.

The Reasons for Marketers to Care

The previous versions of Facebook messenger did have a discover tab but the latest version is going to give the tab more prominence and you will be able to find users and communicate with the businesses directly through it.

As mentioned before, this new version will have three tabs. The chats tab will be at the front and center of the app and it will include the camera at the top. The people’s tab is where you will be able to find friends, see who all are active, and view their stories. The discover tab is where people will be able to connect with the businesses to receive updates about the latest deals, play games, book the next vacation, get news updates, and much more.

Facebook messenger is gaining more attention from the brands because more and more companies are using the platform to reach out to the consumers, either via bots, ads or directly. Facebook wants to simplify the messenger layout and provide more engagement in order to realize the goal of monetizing the app so that it functions as a steady stream of advertisement revenues.

The president of the social media marketing agency AKvertise, Akvile DeFazio, has mentioned that her company has increased the advertising efforts in Facebook messenger for the clients due to the positive effects that they have noticed.

DeFazio said that there has been an increase in the use of Facebook Messenger by both the advertisers and users. It is a smart move by Facebook to dominate the chat space, with chat apps and messenger bringing the brands closer to the consumers and in a more customized manner. It works more than the email these days.

More Features on Facebook Messenger 4

  • Messenger 4 is coming out globally in the coming weeks because Facebook mentions that it wants to give time to the users to get used to the changes.
  • All the previously featured options, like video chatting, polls, play games, and the ability to share your location are still available.
  • According to a research by Kelton Global in the August of the year, seven out of ten people mentioned that simplicity is a major priority for people when they are looking for a messaging app.
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