Nov 6, 2017
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Facebook: Rolls out POLLS for Pages across Mobile and Desktop!

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Polling system allows different brands to seek feedback from their own followers along with Facebook for collecting more data about the various interests of people.

Now, brands can easily have an informal focus on Facebook groups.

Facebook rolled a tool on Friday; it is a polling tool for the purpose of making people capable of having a quiz with their respective followers and friends on mobile apps and on the site of Facebook.

Facebook has been working on this for almost a month, a polling craze and now it has added this feature. It has happened almost two years later when Twitter added this feature. In the initial days of October, Facebook added this new polling feature for Instagram stories as well.  After a couple of weeks, the company also announced that they have also taken an app that is specifically centered to teens.

The latest polling feature of Facebook is also very much familiar with the stories of Instagram.  The version of this system is only limited to two options for answering the poll. For the purpose of drawing attention to the Facebook polls, pages and people can also use the option of attaching photos and GIFs and along with this, they can also set particular time when they want to close the voting. It depends if they want to close the voting in a day, a week or as per the custom expiration date. The person who creates the poll will be able to track the number of votes, and he can also see who all cast the vote.

This feature of polling also opens a great opportunity for the pages to seek feedback from all of their followers without asking them to do any other task apart from tapping a button. This tool can also be used for encouraging engagement I n followers on a regular basis. The questions such as: Are are buying the iPhone X, with the option of answering yes or no. Then they inform the businesses that which new product they should test.

This polling system also opens the new data for Facebook, as same as in the case of the acquisition of tbh. With the assumption that Facebook designs programs for the purpose of parsing poll questions, this will also help the Company to use the answer of people to get an idea about the better understanding of their interests. For an example, it can use a poll to seek the answer if people choose Nike or Adidas? For the purpose of increasing its knowledge about the preference of people about either brand, this is especially for the people who just respond to the poll but they are not fans of the Facebook pages of Adidas or Nike, along with those people who are the fan of both the pages.

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