Jul 4, 2018
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Facebook Still Providing Access to Data of User’s Friends to Third Party Organizations

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Facebook continues to share information about the friends of the user to numerous app developers, in spite of declaring six months ago that it was stopping all such initiatives.

The fact that FB is still continuing data sharing was identified when it was known that Facebook has shared the data with some phone manufacturers. After this, Facebook confessed that some of these partners were Chinese and thereby, thereby raising fears of undercover activities.

The number of app developers who have access to this data presently stands at sixty-one according to an admission to Congress. Some of the recipients of data include the dating app Hinge, UPS, and Nissan. The news about Nissan was disclosed by the Wall Street Journal on June 8.

There are five other companies that could have gotten access to limited Facebook data by being participants in one of the experiments by the social media site. The company has declared that data sharing is being maintained while the firms are given time to comply with the policy changes that were brought forth in the year 2015. The changes apparently pertained to stopping third-party developers from access to any data regarding the friends of the users. This policy change was brought after the massive data siphoning that came into light during the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The friends of a user cannot provide their consent to third party data sharing without knowing about it. This leads to the possibility that this sharing of data is against the consent decree agreement made between Facebook and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in which FB has promised to secure such consents. It also violates the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation which was put into effect in late May.

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