Jul 10, 2018
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Facts of the Digital Marketing Industry 2018

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Some of the facts and figures about digital marketing will let you have a better understanding of the scenario. The average monthly marketing expenses generally lay at less than INR one lakh per month with 58% falling in this category. The number of people coming in the category of INR one lakh and ten lakh per month stays at 27%. Only 7% claimed to have spent over INR ten lakh to fifty lakh.

A major chunk of the budget has been allocated to digital marketing with over 33% companies proclaiming that they have invested more than 40% for it. In terms of the average monthly budget for digital marketing, over 57% companies claim to have allocated less than INR 50,000 each month.

Most of the companies have leveraged digital marketing to promote the brand with over 68% choosing it over all other forms of marketing. The least preference was given to TV with only 5% companies choosing it. The measurement of success for the efforts of digital marketing has also changed. Most inclination has been shown towards social reach with over 21% people vying for it. Equal share has been shown by other mediums like a share of voice, followers, and brand sentiments.

Facebook continues to be the platform that yields the most results for digital marketing. However, the digital marketing team is becoming smaller with most companies having less than ten members. The most scope for improvement lies with the generation of high quality leads. Hubspot continues to be the most followed blog with Kiss metrics earning the second spot.

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