Jan 2, 2018
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Google: Does fetching content from other websites add value?

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It is not unusual in the publishing world that same articles do appear in the number of websites. Take the case of news sources such as AP, Reuters where they send out the feed and third-party publishers fetch and post it to their respective sites. Google find the same articles and exactly the same content from the number of websites.

Aaseesh from Google explained a webmaster, running a financial website that the idea of “fetching” news from a source like Reuters and then posting it to your site is not a great idea. Aaseesh wrote: Yep, he is linking to the Panda post from 2011 – interestingly enough. He thinks that everyone is following the same tactics of posting the same article or content to a number of websites in the expectation of getting the rank number one. Actually, only one can get rank number one, rest are not.

See the forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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