Jul 23, 2018
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Get pictures of President Donald Trump on Google search of the word ‘Idiot’

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A new search result on the internet has taken the world by storm: you will be flooded with pictures of President Donald Trump once you search the word ‘Idiot’ on Google.

This barrage of images of the American President has been brought about by a group of online activists who are unhappy with his policies. They have manipulated the algorithms of Google by linking the word with an image of the President. According to a report by the Guardian, the trend was born when Reddit users began up-voting a post that had the photo of the word and Trump. The results for the image were further boosted by thousands of votes for any Reddit post containing news about the President, the word, and the overall issue.

The secret algorithms of Google help in the prioritization and organization of information present in the search results. This has not just made Google one of the most powerhouse business entities but also has managed to get it in trouble.

In the year 2015, a black website developer raised a storm saying that the feature of Google that automatically categorizes photos has labeled an image of his friend and him as ‘gorillas.’ Google was quick to apologize and fix the bug. The same thing happened to the then first lady Michelle Obama in 2009.

Google put out a statement saying that the search results are available due to the multiple computer algorithms with the search engine never interfering with the results seen.

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