Mar 19, 2019
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Google Came Up With a Broad Core Algorithm on 12th March

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Google confirmed on Wednesday that it has released a broad core algorithm update for the week. The company has mentioned that its guidance about such algorithm updates remains as they have covered before. Danny Sullivan, Google Search Liaison, confirmed the arrival of this update that will start from 12th March.

Broad Core Algorithm

The reason for its importance

Google opts for a number of core ranking updates every year and very few of those updates are confirmed through the year. Google has mentioned it many times that there is nothing that you can do particularly to fix the rankings. The earlier advice that it offered was that there is no way to fix the rankings for pages that do not perform as well as others. The only way for them is to concentrate on offering great content. Your content may rise in respect to other pages if it is good enough.

If the rankings of your page changed recently, it might be due to the broad core ranking update and not for any technical updates on the site.

The things that changed

It is too early to exactly pinpoint the changes. Based on the words of the SEOs regarding the update, before Google finally confirmed it, some were saying that this was another update targeting the medical/health arena. Google had confirmed that the update on 1st August was not targeted at the health or medical sites.

It is difficult to understand the kind of websites that have been hit the most now. The situation needs further monitoring and assessment for anyone to reach a proper conclusion.

The previous advice of Google

About the broad core updates, Google had said earlier that it releases one or more alterations targeted to improve the results. Some of those are aimed at particular improvements and others are broad-based changes. Last week, they released the broad core algorithm update and they do these regularly for a couple of times each year.

Just as with other updates, some websites may notice gains or drops. There is nothing wrong with the pages that might perform not as well now. Instead, the fact is that the updates to Google’s systems are useful for the pages which were not rightfully rewarded earlier. There is no fix for the sites that might perform less than others, apart from concentrating on delivering great content.

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