Mar 26, 2018
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Google Core Algorithm Update continues to deliver fluctuating results

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Google released a major ranking algorithm update on March 7th. But most noticed it on March 8th and 9th and they are still noticing the changes related to that update.

This March Google Core Algorithm update is regarded as one of Google’s biggest updates ever and the ongoing Webmaster World thread has a ton of chatter still to be updated. Some say they have been benefited, some say they were affected badly and others didn’t notice anything. Of course, few of them have noticed recoveries from this update.

Some SEOs and webmasters noticed the rollback, but it’s hard to be believed. It is 100% possible and most probably, Google is f tweaking stuff with this core update based on some early feedback. But it is likely that it is still on roll out and would take some time for everyone to see the changes and let the changes to this algorithm update to be fully rolled out first.

Most of those tracking tools are with pretty high temperatures over the past 10 days and the reason could be Google’s new core algorithm still rolling out and there will be some necessary tweaks here.

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