Feb 8, 2018
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Google launches SEO Audit feature to Lighthouse Chrome extension

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Google announced that it has updated the Lighthouse Chrome Extension to add SEO Audit features. Lighthouse is an open-source, automated auditing tool for raising the quality of web pages.

Users can now do a basic SEO Health-check in Chrome Canary DevTools or with the Lighthouse extension. The current list of SEO Audit features is not a very comprehensive one and also doesn’t give any SEO guarantee for Google web search or other search engines.

Know how to use it in the Lighthouse Chrome Extension:
•  First, install the Lighthouse Chrome Extension
•  Click on the Lighthouse icon in the extension bar
•  Select the Options menu, tick “SEO” and click OK, then Generate report

Lighthouse Chrome Extension

Know how to use it in the Chrome Developer tools on Chrome Canary:
•  Open Chrome Developer Tools
•  Go to Audits
•  Click Perform an audit
•  Tick the “SEO” checkbox and click Run Audit.

 Chrome Extension for SEO Audit features

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