Feb 28, 2018
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Google: Link Wheels & Web 2.0 Google Tricks are probably no longer in work

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“Web 2.0 tricks” or “link wheeling” probably doesn’t work with Google these days, as clarified by John Muller of Google to one search engine optimization on a Reddit thread. It’s still not clear from the method as it was worded as “Is Web 2.0 trick working in 2018? How you create link wheeling?”

The link wheel creates a pattern of links which flow from one website to another and finally link to your main website. This can be regarded as the best and smartest way to increase the brand visibility and an effective way to achieve the higher SERP ratings.

But John Muller disagrees with such tactics and replied that either way if you are finding ways to manipulate Google, it’s not good to make such discussions on the public platform.

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