Nov 2, 2018
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Google: Put up Meta Descriptions because you know the content best

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John Mueller from Google posted on Twitter that it would be best if you do not leave the Meta description of your content blank. Try to fill out the part about the Meta description because you know your content the best.

However, a recent study by Yoast has shown that Google often uses the website content and not the Meta description for the search result snippets of Google.

Make sure you fill in the Meta descriptions when you are writing the content even if Google does not use it. The CMS can also generate good Meta Descriptions automatically based on content that you put in the CMS. In any case, it is not wise to intentionally leave the space blank if you have the resources and time to fill it out.

You should not count on Google using your Meta description for snippets. But you should still put in Meta descriptions because you know your content and not Google.

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