Aug 21, 2018
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Google Stated That Position of Useful Content on the Page Does Not Matter

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The general belief is that the content that is most relevant and useful to a user needs to stay just below navigation point as it answers the most queries by the users. John Mueller from Google stated that the present position of the content is not a matter of concern. Google will treat the content with the same importance provided it is useful in nature.

Thus, when the content is significant, if you place it on the lower half of the page, Google still considers the content important. The question arises whether the content is still useful if it stays high up on that page. There is no concrete answer but the SEO services believe so.

However, there is no point in hiding important content further down the page. It is mostly expected to be around the e-commerce category page, where the website owner wants the content on the page so that Google gets to rank that category page too in the search.

There are many e-commerce sites that put paragraph content about category landing page below the product listings. Such content is put on the sides or top.

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