Dec 18, 2018
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Google: The right time of ignoring bad links

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Google mentioned that in most of the cases it is absolutely safe to not act upon and ignore the bad links that are pointing to your website. This has led to quite a bit of discussion among the SEO industry, the nofollow, and the link building industries. John Mueller from Google has been asked to provide more details on what he meant. He provided further comments on Twitter on the given matter. He mentioned the worst links are always the ones that the SEOs place themselves and those are really easy to find. The disavow file is still highly useful for dealing with the manual actions. It also offers peace of mind for the old weirdness or negative SEO in the links. He also said that maintenance of the disavow files is not really a good use of your time.

John Mueller added a few more comments on Twitter. Including:

(1) The most toxic links are almost always links that SEOs place themselves and are very easy to find:

(2) The disavow file is still useful for fixing manual actions, & peace of mind for negative-SEO / old weirdness in links:

(3) Maintaining your disavow file is probably all not that of a great use of your time:

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