Nov 3, 2018
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Google wants to hear out from the SEOs on search result listings

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Danny Sullivan, the search liaison from Google posted on Twitter asking the SEO community about the changes that they would want to come in the search results interface and links of Google. Sullivan wanted to know what the SEOs hope when it comes to the displays listings of Google.

The type of feedback wanted by Google

The following examples were given by Sullivan:

  • More control over the titles
  • Things that are not done but the SEOs want
  • Sitelinks
  • What to do with markup and other such ways to help

Search result listings

The way of giving the feedback to Google

The SEO community has a number of suggestions at present. If you also have any specific idea or thoughts about the ways in which search results are displayed by Google, then this is your chance of making Google hear out about it.

All you need to do to give your feedback is to be on Twitter. Simply go to that tweet of Danny Sullivan and click on reply. You can reply as many times as you want with more than one idea. You can even attach videos and images of the suggestion you make.

Will the suggestion be taken into account?

No one knows what results can come out of giving suggestions to Google. But this is a good sign because it shows that Google is keen to listen and there is a chance that the feedbacks will be discussed internally.

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