Feb 6, 2019
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Google+ will Officially Stop All Operations from April 2nd

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An official date has now been set for shutting down Google+. It will stop all operations from 2nd April. Users have a little over two months’ time to get all the data from the site before it goes away forever.

The deleted data involves videos and photos in Google+ pages and personal albums. The videos and photos backed up in the Google Photos will not get deleted. Google has mentioned that the process of deleting the content will be initiated in a few months, and during this time, the content will stay online.

It was first declared in October 2018 that Google+ will shut down due to low consumer adoption and data breach. The original planning for the Google+ was to shut down by the time of August 2019. However, a second data breach led the date to be moved up to April.

Google has just now announced the exact date for the shutdown. Another date that you need to keep in mind is 4th February after which the users will not be able to make new Google+ events, communities, pages, events, or profiles.

You should also be aware of 7th March when you will no longer be able to comment through Google+. Lastly, in the first half of March, the moderators and community owners can download all the data from the communities. Google+ for the G Suite will stay active and there are no such plans to close the enterprise version at present.

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