Jan 8, 2019
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Google’s Featured Snippets Now Get to go into the Section of the Sourced Content

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Google now gets to link some of the content showing up in the search results in a new kind of way. Instead of just going ahead linking to a page, Google now gets to send you to the precise spot of the answer that you are searching for and also highlight that block of text that holds the most relevance to the search query. This factor only works for a couple of searches on Google mobile that have AMP content in the block of featured snippet.

The way of working: Go to the mobile search option and look for something that gives you both an AMP page and a featured snippet. For instance, throw in a search on Google like what does VPN do and you will get a snippet from a website along with an AMP icon beside it. You can see this feature of Google in action in this way.

The reason behind its significance: This is something for the content producers and webmasters to understand. If the content has the AMP version and the major part of the content comes up in featured snippets section, then the visitors from Google might skip the header and jump right to the middle of the page. This might impact the ad clicks, the rate of conversion, and other important metrics of a website. Thus, it is important to keep a keen eye on the metrics, filter the AMP mobile pages and attempt to gauge if the changing elements around the webpage can lead to a better metric for conversion around the pages.

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