Apr 27, 2018
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Google rolls out its new podcast ‘app’ for Android phone

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Google never had a great strategy for podcasts, pushing Android users to go for third-party apps to manage their subscriptions and play new episodes. Now, it seems search giant has got some solution to make it easier to listen to podcasts on your Google and Android devices.

Google has recently launched a new way for Android users without much fanfare to listen to podcasts and subscribe to shows of their choice and it already starts to work on your phone.

Google’s new podcast ‘app’

Podcast production company Pacific Content got the exclusive on it:  Now, Google has come up with podcast show info and episode listings in search results on your Android device and you can tune into them right from there and there’s no need for app installation.

Want to get it started? Just search for a show using Google Search or Google Assistant with something like, “BBC the inquiry podcast.”

The info provided to you includes info about the show and a list of recent episodes that you can play right away.  You will find the podcast icon at the top of the page that takes you to your subscriptions and allows you to add a shortcut to your home screen.

 This podcast player has some special characteristics:

  • Basic Playback Functionality and the ability to download episodes for offline listening, as well as a speed control
  • Can subscribe to podcasts and make them show up in a list that you can trim whenever you like.
  • Have the luxury to find and return to episodes that you haven’t yet finished listening to, and see a bunch more shows grouped by genre and publisher
  • Big on voice commands? You’ll be happy to know that you can also find, play, and resume episodes on any of your Android or Assistant-powered devices.

Though other dedicated podcast apps offer more features and flexibility, this is somehow a great way to get started listening to shows you’ve been hearing.

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