Nov 5, 2018
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Halloween Ranking Update from Google: Possibly Updated Yesterday

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On the day of Halloween, some discussions were doing the rounds among SEO circles regarding crucial ranking changes in the search results of Google. Complaints are not something common but yet, there is a good number of complaints existing in the SEO circles. This is probably a niche targeted update that will impact only a vertical or a specific tactic. However, it is not yet time to discuss the specifics.

Google Halloween Ranking Update

Some people tweeted about noticing major changes and their rankings slipping down. But, it is still too early to say anything. It can be a short test for a limited time or it can impact a specific region that is not too extensive. Only time will tell the facts and till then, you should keep an eye out on your rankings and analytics to understand if this spooky Halloween update has indeed impacted your site.

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