Aug 16, 2018
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HTTPS Migration: No Rush on Indexing or Deindexing

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Websites are continually compromised. You might not even think that your business site or even a blog, which doesn’t contain any users’ credit card data and information, has anything worth being hacked for. Ample amount of researchers are there who have covered the HTTPs migration from the Google. There are too many facts available to link to. But while migrating from the HTTP to HTTPS, some people get worried about the result. But now, you do not have to worry about that. Here is something interesting that Google needs you to relax about the complete process of migration from HTTP to HTTPS. You will not have to panic about what those pages are indexed or even not indexed.

Recently Gary Illyes has commented on the Twitter that redirecting the HTTP to HTTPS and then just wait. You will have to give some time, and there is virtually no purpose to rush it since all the users will end up on the HTTPs.


In fact, according to some specialists, Google has also stated that the entire migration process of HTTPS must be done all at once and they must not result in the traffic loss. Google has actually covered some of the migrations over the years in detail.

This is very cool to see the index counts on HTTP rise as some HTTP index count drops just the same as the traffic. Google’s Gary Illyes has also added that there is no rush virtually on the Google.

See the forum discussion at Twitter.

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