Sep 3, 2018
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Instagram Tempting Influencers and Beauty Brands with Custom Face Filters and IGTV

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Instagram is all-out enticing the influencers and the beauty brands through its recent launching of stories filters and IGTV. These brand new features have actually been borrowed from its competitors: the filters come from Snapchat and the IGTV comes from YouTube. As more number of beauty products is launched on social media, this move is particularly relevant to the times. Instagram also extended the partnership with Kristie Dash, who will be only dedicated to beauty.

At the IGTV launch event on June 20, Instagram announced the streaming channel with many beauty influencers present there, like Manny Gutierrez, with 5 million Instagram followers, and Susie Shu, with 161,000 followers. There were also many top-notch brands and creators that Instagram partnered with pre-launch including YSL, Laura Lee, Kim Kardashian West, and Kattan to make sure that the launch turns into a spectacle.

The results varied for the influencers with Kattan’s IGTV content, at 537,000 views, locked her for Sephora on the other hand, YSL beauty got 18,000 views with its “Dare or Dare” video with beauty director Tom Pecheux. Laura Lee notched up 279,000 views through her content of favorite summer makeup products. In terms of followers, Laura has 2.3 million as opposed to 26.8 and 4.5 million of Kattan and YSL, respectively.

Through IGTV, Instagram was looking to take a page out of YouTube’s book and bring fans closer to the favorite stars, according to the Director of fashion partnerships, Eva Chen. The company had seen an eighty percent increase in overall video viewership and that had prompted the move.

According to Ashley Yuki, the Instagram product manager who worked on IGTV, filling the whole screen of your phone with the video makes you close to the brand, which is important for beauty and thus, they went ahead with the idea of vertical positioning.

Customer face filters have also been creating quite a buzz with Kylie Jenner launching her own face filters on Instagram that crossed allows users to wear the Kylie lip colors and post Selfies, videos, or Boomerang. Within four weeks, the customer face filters of Kylie had crossed the one billion impressions mark. Many other top brands are also in the line for launching their face filters.

However, conversation or sales can only be tracked through Stories at present. The custom filters and IGTV are more of tools to enhance brand awareness.

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