Nov 10, 2017
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Looking to Reinvent your Holiday Advertising Campaigns – Consider these 7 Tips

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The holiday season is here and serves as a lucrative time for marketers to boost their sales. If you need some tips for maximizing the returns from your investment in paid search ads, the following tips may come handy.

Labeling Holiday Brands

Have you thought of labeling your Christmas programs? Also, you should consider highlighting the products and services that you will be focusing upon during the holiday season. These measures are helpful in calculating your returns for this time of the year.

Moreover, you should consider applying a quick filter for getting exactly what you want and not distracting yourself with unimportant details.

Consider the Use of Ad Extensions

You can get your holiday messages across to the prospective customers through the use of ad extensions. Try incorporating sitelink, callout, structured snippet, promotional and visual extensions on your holiday ads.

structured snippet

Sitelinks can direct web users to specific pages on your site. They are handy for creating direct links from your ads to the various offerings on your site.

Visual site links can effectively catch the attention of the browsers.

Callout extensions emphasize on prompt delivery during the holiday season for easing the tension of the customers about the products reaching at the opportune time.

As part of your promotion extensions, you can include date ranges, numerical discounts, and percentage discounts in your holiday messages – they can pique the interest of the browsers.

site link

Under the headers, add your structured snippet extensions such as last minute deals, attractive gifts and X’Mas deals for getting across your Christmas messages.

Use Generic Terms

Generic terms are useful for delivering your holiday messages and increasing the probability of your ads getting more clicks and higher number of conversions. Below is an example of a generic term.

‘Gift for boy / girl’

It also helps to highlight holidays in your generic terms. You can try various permutations and combinations for getting more people to view your ads. Consider the below-listed example.

‘Christmas gifts for boy / girl’

Redesign ad copy

Incorporating Christmas terms is an effective way of heightening your sales in the holiday season such as the following example.

‘Buy now and Receive Before Christmas’

The countdown feature is also extremely popular for including in ad copy such as the below-listed example.

‘Hurry! Only (countdown) days left for availing the best discounts this Christmas season’

Festive offer

Also, some shoppers buy stuff for themselves and you can target these groups by slogans such as ‘Indulge Yourself This Christmas Season’.

Shopping Ads

Adding merchant promotions to your shopping ad campaigns can draw the attention of the browsers. You can add a ‘special offer’ link for enhancing your ad appeal amongst the online shoppers. In fact, shopping ads with merchant promotions are known to raise the conversion rate.

merchant promotions


The holidays are a good time to remarket your services to past or potential customers. You can rely on analytical tools such as Google Analytics for learning about the behavioral habits of the prospects and design your holiday marketing strategy accordingly. As per your conversion data, Google prepares a remarketing list that you can work upon.

Google Analytics

You can also use Dynamic Remarketing for targeting customers who have searched for your services previously.

Use Bing

About 30% of search traffic comes from Bing. Therefore, it makes sense to target Bing for your holiday ads in addition to Google. You can create holiday buildouts on Google and import them to Bing for making the most of this Christmas season.

Google VS Bing


A large percentage of shoppers have already started shopping. Therefore, you must not delay in rolling out your holiday ads for enticing more and more customers to buy from you.

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