Dec 19, 2017
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Maccabees Update: The Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update

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What is Maccabees update? Are you getting signals of SEO chatter and tools start lighting up? Why is it? The reason could be exciting that there’s a major change to the core ranking algorithm with Google search.

Now, a lot of chatter in the SEO forums and many of the tools are lighting up around major changes in the Google search results. Of course, not all of the tools are showing big swings. When the WebmasterWorld thread started to get busy late December 13th through December 14th, it caught everybody’s attention.

Here are the some tools:









Have you checked your analytics? Are there any significant changes to your Google traffic from December 12 to 13th? Look at your Google Search Analytics in Google Search Console; it should have data through the 13th and check your keywords, is there any change?

It seems to be a big Google ranking update, called it the Google Maccabees update as it happened during the holiday of Chanukah? This large Google search algorithmic update has been named the Maccabees update. Google has added about 12 months of data to the beta version of Google Search Console. Google is all set to roll out the new Google Search Console early next year.

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