Aug 24, 2018
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Medic Update by Google Was Not Targeted At Health or YMYL Sites

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Gary Illyes mentioned on stage at Search Masters Brazil that Google Medic Update, a search algorithm that was introduced on August 1, was not made for targeting the YMYL web pages. Pedro Dias has post about this on Twitter which states that it is nothing more than a good coincidence that these sites were also impacted through that update.

Pedro Dias was a former employee at Google and he is now a Search Engine Optimizer. He took an interview of Google’s Gary Illyes at the Search Masters Brazil event. Afterwards, he posted on twitter about the coincidence faced by the YMYL and health sites.

Pedro Dias on Twitter

This is the reason why Google keeps telling it in every category of searches and the reasons for it not having an impact on medical or YMYL sites. Google is not really upset that the vertical was impacted as such but since it was designed for an impact, the results are being seen by everyone as such.

See the forum discussion at Twitter.

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