Dec 5, 2017
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Messenger Kids: A new App Launched by Facebook for Kids!

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Facebook took the social media by storm when it launched an app, called Messenger Kids. The app is specifically made for kids below the age group of 13 and has asked the parents to give their approval so that children can message, add filters and doodle photos for exchanging.

By launching Messenger Kids app, Facebook again raised the debate of invading into the delicate and innocent world of kids. There’s widespread discussion among parents, child activists and psychologists how it will impact the delicate minds. Some feel that it’s an act of steady invasion of technology into family life. Most feel that introduction of technology at this tender age would harm more than it would do well. But Facebook has its own set of arguments in support of their app that parents will have full control over the contact list and the children can’t get in touch with the contacts which their parents don’t approve.

Messenger Kids: A new App Launched by Facebook for Kids

When the world is already so much obsessed and struggling to coup with the addiction to social media, particularly Facebook, this certainly gives sleepless nights to parents and child thinkers.

Can delicate child brain survive the pressure of handling this app? Will it impact children day-to-day life? How can parents guide their children for its effective use?

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