Apr 24, 2018
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Monopoly, Perfect Competition and Salesmen

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This book brings an overview of StartUps and Entrepreneurs and more or less tries to give a new perspective on businesses how they should be run rather than on what basis. Of course, entrepreneurship is something that can’t be taught but the book concentrates more on monopoly involved in the businesses and its definition. The author stresses more on salesmen and talk of what’s really selling all about and gone on to say that real selling happens when customers completely unaware that selling is happening.

No doubt book throws light on the fundamentals of starting a new business, at the same time discusses few unnecessary and trivial things like how founders are eccentric. The book talks about how Sean Parker introduced Zuckerberg to Thiel – the first major outside investment in Facebook and tried to put him as a villain who didn’t have any idea what he was doing.

The authors put extra emphasis on technology and have tried to create a feeling in the minds of readers that technology is capable of achieving anything, forgetting the influence of factors such as psychology, spirituality, and other unknown realms. In the end, the authors have introduced a philosophy called Singularity where there is infinite hope for the future.

There are many good ideas and advice about how to start a new business but they seem the real challenge to implement on the ground. If you’re starting a new business, try to evaluate your ideas with respect to ideas given in this book.  However, the book gives a fairer idea about the sales and the passages around the two sources of ideas – from society and from the physical world.

In providing details about the fundamentals of building a company and how to execute it, he throws some practical examples of companies like PayPal and plantir and deeply analyzes why the companies fail or succeed.

The book may have written for budding entrepreneurs and try to explain that no success comes easy and also speaks about what it takes to be successful. This can be a motivational book for future generations of entrepreneurs but the authors have made some exaggerations by revealing about Elon Musk, Thiel, and PayPal.

Nevertheless, the entire book can bring motivation to the readers who have entrepreneurship mindset and made some good revelations about monopolies, perfect competition, and sales.

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