Mar 27, 2018
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Much Anticipated SEO trends for 2018!

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Struggling to improve rankings for your website pages in Google and other popular search engines? Keyword usage, domain strength, inbound linking, user-data analysis and quality content can be some of the factors you have to watch out for.

As search engines play an important role in consumer’s buying pattern, by the end of 2018 Google expects to roll out algorithm updates which could emphasis more on the end user and their overall browsing experience. Much awaited SEO trends for 2018:

  1. Video and Image Searching to vastly Improve

Online interactions are gradually becoming more and more visual. Faster internet, more visual-friendly social media platforms and more inclination towards being engaged to images and things remain to be seen what changes are being done by Google and other search engines to treat images and videos in an online environment. New startups like Mood stocks and Eye fluency have called for have sought to improve user interactions with them.

  1. The Knowledge Graph to Dominate

The frequency of featured snippets declined significantly- the concise answers to questions users pose in their search queries which appear to be replaced by equivalent answers found in Knowledge Graph boxes. This could be an indication of the rise and eventual dominance of Google’s Knowledge Graph.

  1. Voice search to sharply increase with the rise of smart speaker sales

There was a great deal of surge in the sale of smart speakers in 2017 and that trend would go further in 2018 as the newer models to be rolled out. These speakers are activated by voice and provide spoken search results. Users are getting more used to interacting with search engine results only with their voices and ears. As a result of that the types of queries we see are bound to change and reshape the way businesses think about SERPs.

  1. Individual customization to change the way many rankings are calculated

Google has been pushing for decades for the development of more personalized search results such as relying on individual search histories, browser cookies, and other information for more customized SERPs for individuals. With the advent of smart speakers, increased convenience of search and technological innovation, the personalization factor is likely to increase even further in 2018 which would be more difficult to predict how your company will rank.

  1. Machine learning to spell the end of traditional search algorithm updates

Rank Brain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that helps Google to process some of its search results, in particular rare or one-of-a-kind queries.  There may be chances Google will roll out its much-awaited machine learning updates to its core algorithm by the end of 2018, in favor of an automated, continuous and iterative algorithm updating process.

  1. SEO will expand beyond Google and Bing.

Last few years has been witnessing that companies are competing for ranking outside Google. Google still dominates the search engine sphere but third-parties like Yelp and Amazon, Siri have come to the forefront to become relevant search engines in their own right.

  1. Hyperlocal results finally to take off.

“Hyperlocal,” means the process of targeting customers or presenting search results based on physical proximity, down to less than a block radius. By the end of 2018, with the mobile use being raised to the maximum, the rising relevance of VR and AR, companies currently involved in local SEO will move to do more to target hyperlocal keywords and optimize for even more locally relevant appearances.

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