Mar 22, 2018
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New Options of Facebook Adds for Travel Advertisers to Help Reach Interested Users

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Given the aspirational nature of social media platforms, it makes sense that both Facebook and Instagram are regularly used in people’s holiday planning process. Back in 2016, Facebook conducted a study which showed that 53% of travelers found holiday inspiration on Facebook, while travelers were also spending 5X more time on Facebook than on travel-related apps and sites in the planning process.

New Options of Facebook Adds

That’s a significant opportunity for travel marketers – to help tap into this, Facebook has since introduced family targeting, which, while not travel-specific, can be used to help boost travel campaigns through household-based targeting, and Dynamic Ads for Travel, which help advertisers reach interested users based on related search behaviors.

Now, Facebook’s adding some new options to help travel marketers – Facebook’s latest travel-related ad tool is called ‘Trip Consideration’, and will enable businesses to reach people who’ve expressed intent to travel, but haven’t yet decided where to go.

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