Nov 15, 2017
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Are you opting to get out of SEO business in 2018?

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In the WebmasterWorld, there is an interesting phenomenon which is increasingly being noticed. It is in the form of the fact that it is challenging to perform SEO these days. Moreover, with Google, implementing proper SEO techniques has started to pose problems. It is also a widely observed fact that many are deciding to change careers after several successful years of implementing SEO strategies. However, they are not leaving SEO altogether but are getting into other businesses, also, to be in the field of SEO. In this context, it is interesting to follow the point of view of some users from the thread of Webmaster World.
According to a recent quote, the individual cannot devote time to something which has very less to offer in return. Moreover, the individual has seen that the SEO market has recorded a low growth rate in the last couple of years. Now the individual is wondering to move into mobile app development.

It is quite evident from the thread that some of the individuals will be in the business of SEO. They have wholeheartedly agreed that it has a secure future with bigger & better goals towards 2020. It is so because many individuals have built excellent businesses with billions around SEO.

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