Jul 11, 2018
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Page Speed In Mobile is an Official Ranking Factor!

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All the major online studies show that people are highly cautious about the speed of a page and they want to find the results of their queries as fast as possible. The speed of a page has been a criterion for ranking for a while now but that was focused mostly on searches from desktops. Google announced that from July 2018 speed of a page will be a factor for ranking in case of mobile searches.

This update, called the Speed Update will affect only the pages that provide the slowest experience to the users and thus, it will have an effect on a small number of pages. The same standard will be applied to all pages no matter the technology used to make the page. The search intent is still a major factor so a page that is slow might get a higher rank due to highly relevant content.

Developers are being encouraged to use different user experience metrics to understand the effect of performance on user experience. There is no specific tool indicating the effect this new ranking factor has on a page. However, there are some features that can be used to gauge the performance of a page.

·              Lighthouse is an automatic tool and forms a part of Chrome Developer Tools. It is used for auditing the quality related to accessibility, performance, and more

·       PageSpeed Insights is a tool that shows how a page functions on Chrome UX Report. It also advises performance enhancements.

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