Dec 6, 2017
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Rand Fishkin: The Search Industry Giant

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Have you heard of Rand Fishkin? Why is so special for SEO? What’s his contribution to SEO world?

Rand Fishkin, 38, the man from Seattle, Washington, greatly credited for co-founding the company, Moz, formerly SEOmoz. Today, there’s hardly anybody in the SEO world can claim to have contributed so much to the SEO industry single-handedly. He worked hard in helping SEOs and webmasters who had all sorts of questions from simple SEO advice to emotional and moral support along with start-up advice or dealing with family issues. Rand and his tools are very successful in impacting the lives of many, involved in blogging, speaking, education, weekly videos etc. Even, he has impacted many on a very personal level.

The biggest plus point in him is the character he possesses. The smile he gives so genuinely and the look he showers on people while talking is deeply caring and inspiring. The attention he devotes to his search community, forget about the higher level, the kind of personal chord he finds with general public throws likes of superhero.

SEO industry is lucky to have somebody like Rand. There are times when in spite of putting so much effort, you have had hardly in your kitty and left high and dry. At that juncture, you need someone like Rand who can feel you better emotionally, technically and strategically.

It is very heartening to see one guy who is loaded with so many qualities starting from solid SEO advice for businesses to thrive on the web to deal with personal relationships with your friends and family.

Rand Fishkin Bio: Rand Fishkin as popularly called the Wizard of Moz, the former CEO of Moz happens to be the co-founder of and serves on the board of directors of the software firm, Haiku Deck. He has co-authored few books on SEO. Currently, Rand is writing a book about the ups and downs of start-up culture.

Message to SEO Community: The people from SEO community having creativity, generosity, diversity, and compassion are most adorable to me and have the desired to help each other on the personal and professional front.

Advice to SEOS: It’s good to stay specialized rather striving for prominence. Being branded as Image SEO or News SEO start-ups brings immense opportunity. Outside of my work, my foremost belief is to stay excellent with each other.

What do I like the most in general? I am deeply in love with pasta and drinking unhealthy chocolate-covered gummy bear.

What you love to be known in the SEO world? Go on helping people to excel in marketing.

Check out Rand’s blog, his weekly whiteboard Fridays videos and his slideshare.

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