Jun 6, 2018
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Regular GoogleBot Crawling Not Required For Visibility and Ranking!

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As far as crawling on the web is concerned, there are web pages that have high frequency of crawling by GoogleBot where as others take months to be visited by GoogleBot. Does regular crawling have anything to do with organic traffic? Does high-frequency crawling enhance visibility or ranking in search?

John Muller from Google cleared the air from such long-standing SEO myth by commenting on twitter that regular crawling isn’t required for visibility or ranking in search.

Here is the conversation:

Googlebot Crawling Not Required For Visibility and Ranking

For example, if you have a fairly static site and you aren’t adding new pages to your site every day, then regular crawling isn’t needed for visibility and ranking. The news sites add new web pages and content throughout the day, you would be expecting regular crawling and in turn rank for your new pages.

There are some pages which GoogleBot doesn’t crawl daily, weekly or even for months that doesn’t mean they will be excluded from the search results. Infrequent crawling of some web pages by GoogleBot may be linked to quality issues.

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