Mar 23, 2018
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Rumors of typing BFF has Cleared Out!!

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Since the last two days, Facebook is crowded with the word “BFF”!!

The word “BFF” was first coined by Mark Zuckerberg and as per some posts, it meant that whoever typed the words in the comments section on Facebook, will have some revelations. Revelations include whether or not your account is in danger. It claimed that if letters BFF miraculously change into green, then your account is protected. If it doesn’t appear in green, then change your password immediately, because it may be reeling under the risk of getting hacked.


However, various websites ran a fact check that specific letters BFF changed into the color green, was because It was fed into the Facebook system for being a special comment. Hence, whenever anyone typed these letters, visual brief animation appeared on the screen. Colloquially, these letters stand for “best friends forever” and when typed, you can see two high-fiving hands.

Watch this video to see the reality of “BFF”

Finally, after more research was done, it has been revealed that no such claims are true and if at all there are security threats you can lodge complaints with Facebook’s security section. The claim has been rendered false.

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