Feb 13, 2018
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SEO still rules Digital World!

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your website appears in the Search Engine Result Pages. But there’s growing concern among search engine optimizers, webmasters, and digital marketers whether SEO is losing its importance.

Is SEO dead?
SEO’s stability is under question mark since its inception!
Because every year, the new developments in SEO industry are on cards and such changes brew skepticism…..

As the Internet is going massive overall in last 3 decades, so does SEO techniques. But truth is that as long as search engines exist, the ranking will remain relevant. New technology might change the internet but optimizing your information for constantly evolving algorithms will always be there.

SEO still important even with IoT

The Internet of things (IoT) is all about the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. There will be a time when everything we own is connected and SEO won’t be necessary for these machines to navigate the web! Such assumption is incorrect because it would be more important to SEO-optimize a site for M2M communication in IoT. When a person scans a page, he looks for optimal results for his needs whereas machines are forced to find contextual clues to determine both the reader’s and writer’s intent. That means machines find hard to replace the Internet, even for IOT, SEO is needed.

SEO still important even with IoT

SEO is still needed for people

Search engines are not going away in the future but the type of searching might change! Voice search may take the forefront and as a result, the importance of long tail keywords will rise because more words will be spoken.

Instead of aiming and settling for the first page, search engines like Siri, Google and Cortana will go for one result you’re searching for. This will make SEO more vital and much more competitive. Keep in mind that real users will remain engaged to search in a variety of ways through their voice, vehicles, and appetites or with their minds. That requires search optimization.

 statistics about SEO

SEO beats PPC by Schema, AMP, and others

Schema markup is a form of microdata. Once added to a webpage, it creates a rich snippet which appears in search results. It is now implemented in Google and other search engines to provide more valuable, visual content for searches. For example, if you are searching for your favorite song, you get additional info about its lyrics, release dates, singers and more. This is a sign of Google’s future search planning, and you will follow their lead and start implementing it for your SEO. Schema and sitemaps are combined to guide machines through your site so that they know where to direct visitors.

SEO beats PPC by Schema

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an open-source website publishing technology for improving the performance of web content. On top of a schema, Google has implemented AMP-optimized pages for faster loading on mobile devices.

SEO in Virtual Reality

Though Virtual Reality (VR) provides a whole new UI and UX, the basics of search will remain intact. Content continues to be the king and optimizing your page with visual and easily understood content draws traffic. To many, virtual reality (VR) is a revolutionary technology that has the capability to radically change the way we interact with each other and the world around us. To others, it’s just a fad and should be ignored.


Technology is fast-changing. You mustn’t have imagined smartphones 20years back. Today, people are up to smartwatches, Fitbits, wirelessly connected earphones and WiFi hotspots.

Some people think this new technology signals the death of SEO. But the reality is different. The truth is that online connectivity is much more popular and important than ever. People still depend on the web for information, entertainment, and the ability to conduct business. SEO isn’t dying, but becoming more relevant day by day because more and more people and devices are being connected to the Internet for searching.

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