Aug 23, 2018
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The Latest Google Search Console Gets the Link Report

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Google announced that new beta Google Search Console will now be getting link report. It stated that links are being moved to websites and internal link reports from the previous interface into the new Google Search Console under one link report. It is not live yet but it soon will be.

The new report is all set to have higher accuracy and thus, fewer links will get reported in the latest version. Link reports can be accessed at when it goes live and that can take about 24 hours more.

The types of data you will be getting from this report include top link domains, pages, and pages. It will also answer questions like which of your top linked pages are from specific sites and what top sites are linking to your page. Features like mobility report, manage users and permissions were also added in the search console.


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Here are some screenshots of the new reports compared to the old.

New Links report overview:



Old Links report overview:


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