Sep 26, 2018
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The Meta tag keyword does not have the limit: Google

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In the recent report, there is an exciting announcement, which says that Google has no limit on the Meta tags per page. Google’s advice is to not just focus too much on these, as a lot of the snippets Google selects are dynamic and not pulled from your Meta descriptions as well.

In recent times, Google has actually decided that what search result snippet to show merely is based on the searchers’ query and also the content on your page. So, on the basis on the Google’s blog, there is no such limit on how long the Meta description can be, but a search result snippets are just shortened as required, typically to fit the device width.

Knowing the previous facts of Meta tags

So, to better understand, you need to know about the history of the Meta keyword and the tags and why they were actually created. Before Google, the search engines were fragile and essential as well. They crawled to the web and formed a searchable database, similar to today’s search engines, but, were not very intelligent. There were Altavista, Lycos, Yahoo, Web Crawler, Infoseek and some other early, mostly defunct search engines. These engines crawled to the web and also used the Meta tags containing the keyword Meta tag to know what topics a website was about.

Recently, John Mueller, the Webmaster trends analyst said on Twitter that he does not believe that there is an absolute limit to the number of the Meta tags that Google has on the per page basis. He added that, as far as he has the knowledge, there is no such limit to the number of Meta tags that people pick up. In fact, John is also referring to the Meta keywords tag because Google ignores merely them anyway. But there can be other Meta tags used, such as Meta author, Meta robots, Meta descriptions, Meta viewport, Meta title and so many more. So the question is a bit awkward.

You can still use the Meta description tags

Meta descriptions are still utilized by most of the search engines containing Google. There is some argument if the Meta descriptions are still a ranking factor for Google, but, in recent days, it has more uses rather than only assisting your ranking. When someone actually searches for the website, they first see the blue line of text; and that is your Title tag. The Meta description they see below is the Meta description tag. Basically, it is a quick summary and introduction to what your page is about, and it must entice them to click over to your website.

So, those people who still want to use Meta tags keywords can use it without any trouble. Basically, some people out there actually think that placing and Meta tags merely increase the traffic, though it was not a wrong concept. But as Google has announced that Meta Keywords does not have any limit, these need to be placed in your head tag of your site.

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