Nov 28, 2018
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The Thanksgiving Search Algorithm Update from Google

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Many webmasters and SEOs in the online forums have claimed that they have noticed significant changes in their ranking in Google from November 22nd. It was the time of thanksgiving and the traffic is always low during the holidays. So, it was better to wait it out and check what happens. Many of the SEOs claimed that an update came along and it probably reversed the Medic update that had come around on August 1st. Most of the tools for tracking did not showcase any real changes during thanksgiving, thereby, implying that the traffic might have been slow due to the holidays. But the doubt arises since holidays are also a time for shopping.

The question arises whether there was really any update to the algorithm or if it was just the usual slow traffic for the holidays. The possibility is that it was a combination of both the situations. Some of the websites saw recovery due to the earlier updates. But the holiday season really makes it difficult to say anything surely.

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