May 11, 2018
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Tips to get more Traffic for your Recipes in Google Assistant

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In 2017, Google rolled out Google Home for recipe guidance where users would get the step-by-step instructions for cooking recipes. As the Google Home is getting popular day by day, Google had to come up with guidelines so that your recipes would support this voice guided e updated structured data properties experience. You will get traffic from more number of sources as users will know about the recipes through the Google Assistant on Google Home. The updated structured data properties ensure higher quality traffic to your site because it will give more information about your recipe.


Updated recipe developer documentation to help users find your recipes

Updated recipe developer documentation will help users to find the recipes and experience them with Google Search and the Google Assistant on Google Home, ensuring more potential traffic to your site. To pull more traffic for your recipes, we have listed following properties:

  • Adding a video related to the preparation of the dish
  • Categorise the dish by informing the users about the type of meal or course of the dish
  • Specifying the region that particular cuisine belongs to.
  • Add special keywords to that particular recipe such as season, holiday or special event to be identified with.

Guideline such as RecipeInstructions, specifying each step of the recipe with the HowToStep property, and sections of the HowToSection property!

Add recipe instructions and ingredients for the Google Assistant

The properties like RecipeIngredient and RecipeInstructions have to be added to support the Google Assistant on Google Home. Addition of these properties will make sure your recipes would be eligible for integration with the Google Assistant, enabling more traffic. If those properties are not added, it won’t be eligible to appear in Search results.

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