Jun 14, 2018
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Tips & Tricks for Improving your Brand Awareness

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Many think that the digital marketing necessary only for increasing the online sales, improving the search engine rankings or increasing the click-through rate.  May not be true? It’s also about increasing exposure – raising brand awareness so that more and more people know about your brand.

There are tools like Google Analytics which allows you to track the conversion rate of each of the website and platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords let you bid for leads and sales. But, now it seems marketers tend to forget about the importance of brand.

Brand Awareness

Branding has often behaved as the ignored side of the digital marketing, a strategy that produces real results over long period of time. Though branding doesn’t bring the immediate results of a PPC campaign, rated as one of the most valuable marketing assets around. It’s true that an established brand can bring a huge number of customers into your business

The real question comes how you can build of that trusted brand. Below, we have listed 7 SEO Tips and Tricks for establishing, expanding and strengthening your digital brand presence as a B2B or B2C company.

Be the King of the Content in the Industry

Content can be one of the most effective ways of establishing and strengthening your brand. Whether it’s blog or video content but the most well-known brands are with most engaging and authoritative content. Take the example of Moz, whose blog creates huge traffic, having readers in millions. Similarly, Red Bull uses video content to generate huge traffic.

Content also has a harmonizing effect on SEO with engaging content, attracting links and s page views.

Use Facebook and Twitter Ads to Promote Content

Platforms like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads have emerged as very important tools for content promotion. Both types of ads allow you to reach a large and highly targeted audience and people tend to respond positively to your brand. Facebook Ads help in reaching people who like similar products and companies whereas Twitter’s ads let you target the audiences of specific brands and people.


Stress 100% on branding, not conversions

Branding is best when there’s no push or sense of urgency. World’s biggest brands hardly push to buy a certain product or take action. Rather they focus entirely on associating a specific feeling with a certain brand. Always see conversions from branding as an added advantage, as the real value of branding is only visible over a long period of time.

 Banner advertising is effective, if it’s priced right

Display or banner advertising is still a highly effective way to expand your reach and improve your presence.  If the people are viewing your ads with great attraction, they can become customers and they’re a fantastic audience for a display campaign.

Keeping your content and image consistent

The popular brands depend on the message being consistent with your brand image. Red Bull uses video so effectively that its subject matter matches its brand image effectively such as tone, feel.

Think long-term, branding doesn’t give immediate results

Branding can be compared with a wave that means it begins with a small ripple and grows into something gigantic and picks up the momentum.

Most branding campaigns don’t produce the desired result in the early stages but develop into valuable marketing assets over time. So, it’s necessary to think about your brand over a long period of time for your business as results are hardly immediate. Always see it as a steady, ongoing process and you would be able to develop it into a valuable marketing asset.

Become a prolific guest blogger

Every brand has clearly a defined audience. Guest blogging can be done to put your content and company before responsive and interested readers.

Want more SEO Tips and Tricks ways to increase your brand awareness or to improve your digital marketing efforts? Check out our site.


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