Jan 14, 2019
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Use Temporary Sitemaps and 404s to Speed up The Page Removal from Google

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Do you have lots of pages that you want to be removed from Google index and you do not want to use page removal tool for each of the URLs? John Mueller from Google said that you can try out the 404 and noindex for all the pages that you want to be removed and then go for the submission of a temporary sitemap to Google. It might help to speed up things he mentioned.

John mentioned in one of the Google Webmaster Help threads that one way of speeding things up is to submit a temporary sitemap that lists these URLs along with the last date of modification (for instance, when you change those to 404 or add a noindex). This helps Google to understand when to recrawl and reprocess those. You will only want to do this for a limited period of time (maybe a couple of months), and then remove, so as you do not need to end up with an unnecessary sitemap for your website in the long run.

You can go for the speedy removal of a lot of pages in a speedy manner. However, the speed of this process is not assuredly fast. It can still take weeks or days or even months for the URLs to get removed.

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