Feb 6, 2018
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Ways to double your traffic this year with engaging video content

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No doubt video is a powerful marketing tool. Video not only captures actions but that is also a great medium to transmit information in a clear and visual way. If Cisco is to be believed, video content will be about 80% of the total global internet consumption by 2021. Time has come to incorporate video to your brand’s SEO and content strategy.

Why would you care about Video Optimization?

Website owners have been working hard to create awesome content to get higher rank. But there’s fierce competition. Hard to find all your articles higher rank in SERPs. To get most out of those articles, you just need to turn your content into videos and publish them on YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform with a user base of 1 billion worldwide, sure bring you good result.

Aims of Video Optimization Goals:

  • Ranking in Google with videos.
  • Ranking in YouTube via YouTube search.
  • Getting suggested in YouTube.

Get More out of Every Video You Create

YouTube finds following factors most important for determining a quality video

  • Watch time.
  • Engagement.

You Tube wants its visitors to spend more time on its content.

Easy Video Optimization for More Traffic

  • Keyword optimization still stands important and should be on your video’s upload filename, title, and description.
  • Most channel traffic come from YouTube’s Suggested Videos on the right sidebar and make sure your videos to show up there for which you need to maximize yourvideo tags.

Creating Engaging Video Content

  • At the end of the video, ask them for comment, like and subscribe.
  • Use cards to promote CTAs as well as other videos and playlists.
  • Add an end screen to promote more videos or playlists on your channel.


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