Dec 6, 2017
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What are the ways to propel SEO with long-tail keywords?

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It is a widely accepted fact that ranking for common or broad keywords is a daunting task for a majority of small businesses. Moreover, a large number of phrases and words are highly competitive and need a considerable amount of resources. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have to be emphasized on as it dramatically helps in maximizing entrepreneurial endeavors. It also enables the keywords to rank well in SERPS.

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Furthermore, it also does need a fair bit of effort to choose the relevant and prosperous phrases. These keywords are also becoming a necessity in the SEO world as they are in sync with the intent of the users. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is also focused mainly on the notion as mentioned above.

The long-tail keywords are more efficient at targeting intent as well as they are cost-effective. They are also better at generating results for small and medium businesses. It is also important to note that business owners can spend a considerable period of time trying to rank for t-shirts.

Optionally, these same businesses can potentially rank in mere weeks with the use of long-tailed keywords. The long-tailed keywords can be in the form of soft red cotton t-shirts for men. It is also interesting to note that long-tail keywords are often not famous than broader terms. They also tend to drive less volume of traffic.

As these phrases are accurate and precise, they are more likely to be converted and are highly advantageous for SEO strategies. In order to emphasize more on long-tail keywords, here is a four-step process to ensure driving more traffic and conversations. It would also boost your rankings.

  1. Set up your prime keywords

Before commencing with your long-tail research, one should have a strong understanding of the top ten vital keywords. This knowledge is necessary as the long-tail keywords would mostly be the more illustrative versions of these terms. Moreover, you need to possess knowledge about the roots of the long-tail keywords before generating any long-tail phrases.

The main keywords your business targets should be in the range of medium to high competition. You can also obtain an upward limit of 200 monthly searches as per the Google Keyword Planner. It could include three or fewer words and should also be targeted by at least one of your competitors. On the other hand, you can make use of a variety of tools to establish your company’s primary keywords. These devices are in the form of Keyword Tool, Google Trends, Accuranker and Google Keyword Planner. You should also keep in mind that you are continually assessing and analyzing the fluctuations in rankings of your main keywords. It would also serve as a measuring stick to decide if the long-tail keywords would be productive. Once you have established the prime keywords of your brand, you can move on to determine the long-term keyword terms should be targeting.

  1. Properly analyzing the competition

Your quest for the long-tail keywords will be productive if you establish who your competitors are. Your pursuit for long keywords should also be dependent on the keyword target areas of the competitors and how they are driving those phrases. On the other hand, it is somewhat quite easy to figure out who your real competitors are. One can also opt for uncovering the keywords your competitors are optimizing. This can be achieved with the help of any paid SEO tools such as Ahrefs and Buzzsumo. With the help of these services, one would uncover a treasure trove of various keywords that are being used by their competitors to drive a significant amount of traffic.

  1. Selecting the proper long-tail keywords

Till now, you must be aware of your prime keywords and have conducted a thorough competitive research which would help you with the selection of the long-tail keywords. Moreover, the data you have compiled should prove beneficial in deciding the relevant long-tail phrases for your business.

For instance, if you own an outfitting business, and you are using a keyword in the form of the red t-shirt, then you should use it to establish the type of long-tail words to choose. You can also use the tools that you have used for research on your competitors to complete this task.

Your primary objective should be to decide a large number of long-tail keywords so that you are in possession of a low to medium search volume. It would also be relevant to what you are targeting. These phrases would go a long way in propelling your traffic and rankings to new heights.

Usually, your long-tail keywords should often comprise of three or more words and should also generate less than 100 monthly searches. Furthermore, it should be targeted at least by one competitor. On the other side, once you have compiled a list of suitable terms, start to mix these phrases into the content of your website. However, you have to make sure that your site is user-friendly and relates to load times, design and navigation.

  1. Monitoring the keyword activity

If you are in the SEO business for a considerable period, you must be well-aware of the fact that not all keywords you use should produce the desired results. However, it is also crucial on your part to monitor the keyword activity as changes, and a fluctuation always takes place. It is also essential to assess each keyword’s profitability, rankings, and conversion rate. This is the way you usually refine the SEO strategy for your keywords.

You can also use the SEMRush’s Position Tracking tool to decide search engine positions of the keywords used by you. You can also utilize this tool to verify the rankings of your competitors. You are usually recommended to check this weekly so that you can obtain the most useful data.

Quite interestingly, long-tail keywords are a necessity for obtaining good ranks in SERPs. It is so because these phrases are more likely to address the intent of the users and drive searches to maximize on the higher amount of traffic. You can use this method to discover your website most prosperous and relevant long-tail phrases so that you can significantly emphasize on your SEO efforts.

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