Dec 11, 2017
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Which is advantageous, In-House SEO or an Agency?

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There’s growing discussion among SEO industry giants, SEO professionals or profound watchers of SEO world whether it’s advantageous to have an in-house search engine optimization talent or team of talents or to outsource to an SEO agency.

In-house SEO: Factors like Control, Collaboration & Cost play the major role in having in-house SEO. Control, management, and accountability of SEO talents can be dealt easily. After all, it’s all about their livelihood; they would have to remain 100% loyal and focused to their work and organizational priorities, whereas, in case of an agency, they may have to manage the priorities of multiple clients and your priority may become secondary.


SEO generally involves issues like user experience, development, copywriting, and creativity and the ability to work with the team which can only be materialized for an in-house team. An in-house SEO manager can forge those alliances easily and effectively.

Cost-effectiveness is a crucial factor which goes in favor of in-house SEO. You can hire one fresher and turn him up to an experienced one.

SEO Agency: Strength of having an SEO agency stems from expertise, experience and external focus.

As far as SEO agency is concerned, they manage their clients’ business strategy and demands through a bunch of tried, tested and experienced professionals through a standardized methodology and tools that is most useful.

The agency’s expertise can be very effective and smooth for decision-making. The agency’s recommendations are more likely to be accepted because of their expertise. Agency’s know-how comes from putting multiple brains in specialized positions into work which an in-house SEO can’t deliver. Lastly, there will be considerable pressure from the client on the agency to perform to the best of its ability for the amount it’s paid.

Still, the question of whether it’s advantageous to have an in-house SEO team or to hire or contract an agency is everlasting. It’s all about what suits you the best and your organization or the business you have. It’s about how you handle them. SEO is not free. There’s no advertising or delivery cost for SEO. Better to explore as much SEO expertise as you can.

In today’s competitive market, it’s better to be served by a professional SEO agency due to its diversity and expertise in dealing multiple issues and customers.

What you opt for?

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