Oct 16, 2018
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Writing Facebook Lead Ads That Can Convert

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Facebook Lead Ads are nothing new but they have risen in importance as the customers are continuing to move to mobile-optimized options.

Two specific problems are solved for the advertisers by the Facebook Lead Ads.

  • Conversions from the mobiles are usually low
  • Most of the users do not use Facebook for shopping

Facebook lead ads have ad copy and lead form hosted on Instagram or Facebook. The lead forms let the advertisers collect important information that they can use for re marketing later on. The following are some of the ways to increase conversion for the clients using Facebook Leads.

Cover the Essentials in Running the Campaign

Lead Ad campaign

Facebook lets you regulate the marketing objective of a campaign starting from the initial setup. For setting up a Lead Ad campaign you need to:

  • Upload privacy policy of company
  • Fill out a questionnaire for customers
  • Choose information needed
  • Define marketing agenda
  • Set targets for the campaign

When setting Lead Ad campaigns, the following must be kept in mind:

  • Use lookalikes of your existing customers
  • Set appointment scheduling for following up
  • Manual bidding for low value leads
  • Add Facebook pixel to the site
  • Separate adverts for different devices
  • Integration of CRM for capturing leads

It Begins With Targeting

For reducing the CPL and only targeting the most qualified leads, you can target the similar audience of your present customers that have visited the site or interacted with other ads. It is useful because you do not need to create buyer personas and thereby use up your entire budget.

However, you need to segment the customer base such that low-value prospects and unqualified lookalikes are not chosen. Use boundaries like interests, device, location, income, and occupation for the segmentation.

Lead Ads are helpful because you can spread a wide web but make sure you do not come empty-handed. You basically want to target three primary groups through Lead Ads:

  • Previous site visitors
  • Lookalike audience
  • Mobile users

Create an Offer That Gives Value

Choose a unique sales proposition by asking yourself the following questions:

What needs do you serve?

What makes your solution unique?

What do you offer to your customers?

There are several things that you can give back in return, like:

  • Free insurance quotations
  • A monthly newsletter service
  • Pre-orders
  • Free samples
  • Discounts or coupon codes

If you have lead acquisition as the primary objective, then you would want to create awareness or an initial contact with a potential customer. Thus, the ad copy needs to be more informative rather than one that caters to shopping.

Design is of Utmost Importance

People retain visuals faster than the texts. The following ideas work for good Lead Ad copy:

  • Images should show brand aesthetic
  • Showcase customer interaction for products
  • Use focal points for the products
  • Use relevant images to CTAs and text
  • Short video ads for more clicks and engagement

Simplify the Forms

Facebook recently cancelled the context card and now it gets displayed on top of lead forms. Use real estate for crafting value proposition to entice people to complete the lead form signing up. State what you offer and clarify people’s reasons for signing up. All you need to do is show your value.

Following Up

Use appointment schedules and clear language to make sure users know they will receive a follow up phone call or email. Incorporate the CRM or MailChimp account into the ad campaign for collecting information for reaching out to customers.

Facebook Lead Ads do not drive sales but it surely adds target prospects to the sales funnel. Lead Ads are highly useful for the mobile users on the Facebook who do not intend to purchase products.

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